Each member of our dental staff is highly trained and committed to providing the best dental health care possible.


Office Manager

I’m Raquel, the Manager of our dental office. I’m a native American Indian and grew up on a farm in New Mexico, living the cowboy life. My family moved to Kansas when I was 9, but by the time I was in 7th grade, a devastating tornado caused us to move to Hawaii. No tornadoes there!

After a few years in college, I enrolled in Crestwood Career Academy for dental assisting. This was an informed decision because it was one of the only schools that actually worked on real patients, not dummies. After graduating and getting certified, my first interview was for a job where I stayed for 10 years! I then worked my way up to front office and then Manager. I’ve been Manager for 10 years here.

What I love most about working with patients is helping them feel more comfortable with their insurance benefits. A lot of them don’t realize what they have. I’m especially good at explaining procedures too, and feel that we team up WITH our patients – and that’s what makes us an awesome team plus it makes a difference to them.



Dental Hygienist

I am Lorie Brewer, a dental hygienist. I’m a home bred Arizona girl through and through. I enjoy working with my church group and I am very active in community service. I have a love for the fine arts and have been involved in many productions ever since I was a child. Today, I love spending time with my husband going camping and enjoying weekend getaways. Together we have 7 grown children and have 14 grandchildren (with two more on the way). I love life and enjoy having fun with my family.

I have been in dentistry since 1982. When I was a small child, I was inspired by my childhood dentist who was very patient with small children. This dentist and his staff made dental visits fun and since then I wanted to work in a dental office. I completed my dental assisting program at Apollo College and graduated in 1982. I practiced dental assisting for years and absolutely loved working with the dentist as well as our patients. I was often the one the patient turned to for answers. I loved educating my patients on pre-op and postoperative care. I decided to go to part time work and further my education in the dental field. I received my degree at Phoenix College for dental hygiene in 1997.

Over these years I have enjoyed educating my patients on how they can improve, not only their oral health, but their complete overall health. I am looking forward to treating and educating many more people by giving them the best quality of care.



Front Office & Dental Assistant

Hi! I’m Josie I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California And moved to Arizona in 2007. I went to Sylmar high school for two years and graduated from Pinnacle High School in 2010. Few years later I met my wonderful husband Angel and we’ve been married for four great years. I have a love for make-up artistry, when I can transform how someone sees themselves and make them feel beautiful… That’s what it’s all about, showing people the beauty that lies within each and one of them! I also enjoy movies, family time and being part of Desert Springs Church. I live by faith and not by sight! I attended The American Institute of Dental Assisting to prepare me for my career in the dental field. While I am fairly new to dentistry I have gained much knowledge in many areas like assisting hygiene, assisting Doctor and front office. I am Bilingual which has helped many of our patients understanding their dental needs. My favorite part is giving back to each of my patients their confidence to smile again, THAT is priceless!



Dental Assistant

Hi! My name is Jessica, I’m a dental assistant at Maricopa Family Dentistry & Orthodontics. I have been assisting for 8 years and I just LOVE it! All of our Doctors are amazing and that make assisting so much fun.

Outside of work I stay busy with my husband and daughter. We love spending time with family, we often go fishing, and every Sunday we are out watching my husband play baseball. I enjoy helping others and that’s why I know I’m in the right field, helping patients smile is the best reward overall.